This device will help a Colostomate dispose of bodily waste materials from their drainable ostomy bag. Water washes out the waste and guides it safely to the toilet bowl down a tube naturally creating the siphon effect and producing a vacuum to help pull the contents from the bag and depositing all safely into the toilet without the mess. Patent Pending


Bag Flush Ostomy Bidet

“A NASA inspired device”

The Bag Flush Waste Disposal System sanitizes the bag while water rinses you clean for a fresh feeling you deserve.

  • Reduces contamination and hygiene issues from infection.
  • Reduces the chance of touching, seeing, or smelling waste.
  • Less smell with occasional bag burping.
  • Uses much less toilet paper.
  • Cleaner Toilet

The BagFlush Bidet comes from the need to be clean and comfortable by doing what everyone takes for granted. The ostomy stops at the container that is glued to the front of the body, what is missing is the delivery system from bag to toilet.

We all take infrastructures for granted. If it goes in, it must come out.

Hospitals deal with bio chemical engines everyday. When someone came up with the idea that we can replumb the human body, it was up to the hospital to become the teacher of this new concept. The only thing they had to work with was a bedpan, set of gloves and all the clean paper products needed to contain the job in a hygienic manor. This concept wasn't taken much further after the hospital door.

It used to be easy. You had a seat to sit on and it had a hole and you just had to make sure your pants were down.

Just as you have been re-routed so must your infrastructure.

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